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This is the real face of PETA and such organizations
PETA Equates Cheese with Abuse of Cows
HSUS and USDA Collusion

Rate Your Dog Food
GMO Food Article
GMO's In Grain Used For Your Dog
Dog Food Recalls

Vaccine Guideline per AAHA
What Your Vet Hasn't Told You About Vaccines
Vets and Vaccines
The Animal Whisper

Dog Medication Chart



UC Davis For CKC Registry DNA Testing
Good article about microchips and all the confusion and how they really work.  I use AKC for now, but may change to another chip if I find one that is an ISO and compatable with AKC scanners.  So far my AKC scanner reads all chips from all manufactures.  You can register your number on all the free sites and then pay for AKC if you wish.  It's up to the owner to get the number to as many companies as possible.  As far as I know all registry companies take all chips, no matter the maker.

Animal Genetic Testing US
Vetgen Canine Testing
Orthopedic Foundation For Animals
UPEI CIDD Database
PawPrint Genetics

Kennel Cough

The Dog Press
A must read site for everything dogs, politics and about your so-called registry companies.