My Dogs never get inhumanly crated or caged after their release from puppy pens to run the house.  They are treated as if they are your pet to make the transition as easy on them that I can.

I own all my Sires and Dams.  All puppies are born from my dogs.
All purchased dogs are DNA tested.
No stud service available.

I'm careful to breed pure Shih Tzu's, but due to the public wanting small dogs, dishonest breeders are mixing them with other dogs to get the size down.  Some registry companies are aware and don't care as long as the money keeps coming.   I can't stress it enough.  NO REGISTRY COMPANY CARES ENOUGH TO ENSURE YOU GET A PUREBRED.
Pictures of Shih Tzu's

There is a small Shih Tzu termed as Chinese Imperial.  Some are trying to make it a separate breed.  To date, it is mostly a marketing term and not recognized by most registries.  The dog cannot go over 9 lbs grown.  Personally, I just call my small ones Shih Tzu.  Imperial and Teacup are marketing terms only and usually involve more money.  I sell the CKC registry for one price and AKC for a higher price.  I like to deal with CKC.  Registries exist to convince you the paper they provide is worth something and a Cash Cow for them, because they sure have nothing to do with ensuring the dog is pure.  They are proof of ownership if you register your dog and have the microchip registered.

DNA is for parentage and not breed identification.  All you can tell with it is who the parents are.  Avoid sites that claim they can identify what is in your mutt.
I don't trust the so called companies that claim they can tell breed with a DNA test.

How to determine the color of your Shih Tzu:
A brown nose, dog is a liver and you go by nose pigment, not hair color.
Blue or gray nose, dog is blue and you go by nose pigment, not hair color.
Black nose, dog is the color of the hair.

Brachycephalic breeds or snub nosed puppies have more sneezing and runny noses during teething and allergy season.

I do not ever give out information on my customers and because of this policy won't join any organization that wants access to you, like AKC's HEART program.  However, if you do not register the microchip in your dog and it gets lost and I get a phone call, all bets are off.  I get two to three calls a year and I give your information to AKC Reunite at that point.

Email or texting is their preferred method of communication.

If you don't recognize the area code, ask where they are.  I know a lot of people now take their cell phone numbers with them when they move or snowbirds going north and south.  An honest breeder will state where they live and that shipping is available in any ad placed.
Avoid 800 numbers or websites that sell many breeds and are middlemen.  They are a clearing house for dogs and rake in high profits while the breeder takes all the risk and cost and work.  Usually those companies get more money than the breeder. 

1.  Any website that doesn't have a phone number or way to contact the breeder directly and uses a form you have to fill out.  That includes 800 numbers.  Avoid all middlemen.  Puppy is a prime example of a company you can be scammed on.  They stole my pictures and there was no way to contact them as the entire site was a scam and I turned them into the FBI fraud unit for what good it did me.
2.  Any breeder or middleman with multiple complaints on Ripoff Reports.
3.  Never give money to anyone who uses only emails or texting instead of a phone.
4.  A local ad you answer thinking they are near you and they offer to ship the dog to you, but don't say so up front.
5.  Breeders who breed many small breeds and mixed dogs.  It's way too easy to slip a mixed into the purebreds and get away with it.  Stick with breeders who only have one breed or two you can't mistake. 
6.  High pressure sales.

Scam Payments
Dogs for a very low price that includes shipping.  Shipping is $300-$500 alone.
Wanting Western Union, or Wal-Mart or any untraceable form of money.
Asking for additional money for shipping insurance which doesn't exist.
Saying they have the puppy, but are on a mission in Africa for their church.

Any website without a valid phone number and use either text or email only, avoid.
I don't buy from breeders who don't have a website.

  Personally, when I shop for a dog, I look at what the breeder is breeding and how many different breeds.  I avoid any breeder who has similar looking dogs, as a mixed might be very hard to detect.  The mixed dog of Mi-Ki is a blend of seven different purebreds and throws dogs that resemble purebreds, but are not.  A dishonorable breeder will sell them as purebreds.  If you are in question of the purity, look at what the breeder breeds and do they offer mixed dogs.

Age of Puppy
Most states don't allow puppies to be sold before 8 weeks of age.

Never place a deposit unless you are sure if something goes wrong on the breeders end, you can get it back.
This is the most common form of theft by scammers and bad breeders.  Some take what they can steal and run and others come back for more money with bogus excuses.  They rely on people becoming emotional about the puppy.  Their excuses are unlimited.
Sometimes a breeder just refuses to refund and deposit if something goes wrong on their end.  They tell you to take another puppy or lose your deposit.  Ask before placing money about their policy.

Unethical Breeders
They can be as bad as scammers.  They might sell a mixed dog as a purebred and over time you realize you've been had, but love the dog.  If you buy a dog that isn't what is advertised, the registry companies won't help you.....they don't care about anything but money.

Breeders on Puppyfind who has mixed dogs in the wrong category.  If they are cheating on the advertising site, where else are they cheating?

Qualifying for a Puppy
All breeders have their own standards for who they sell to.  It is for the good of the puppy.  Some use an application and others do their interviewing over the phone.  I use the phone and talk to people. 
Not all puppy's are a good match and the breeder might reject you for a puppy.

Selling to other Breeders
The worse hypocrites are those who won't sell to qualified breeders.  They bought from breeders and they limit the blood of good dogs to responsible breeders.  I urge people not to buy from them.
Breeders should run humane programs or run the risk of being rejected.

More and more breeders are meeting in public locations for their safety and that of their animals.

  I used to get AKC inspections and have passed all of them with no issues, but don't have many dogs anymore as I'm semi-retired.  Some very tiny breeders won't be inspected, but the larger one's will.

Cyber Stalking
Can be a seller or buyer who continues to contact the other party after being told no.  It is a form of harassment.

Warning signs you may have a money grubbing veterinarian is them trying to redo what the breeder already did.  Running unnecessary tests without your permission to pad the bill.
Veterinarians who want to give yearly vaccines.  Adult dogs or cats shouldn't have them closer than three years and that is AAHA guidelines.

Registration Papers
Ask the breeder if they already have the registration papers in hand.  If not, ask if they've been ordered verify with the company that they've actually been ordered before placing a deposit.  I sometimes offer a CKC registration with the option to purchase AKC, but won't order AKC until a deposit is placed, but will already have CKC in my possession.

If you are looking for a dog, please feel free to use anything I put on my website as questions for breeders.  The goal it to provide a positive experience when dealing with breeders and avoid those who might scam you.

Stock Photo of Shih Tzu Puppy
This puppy is in the 8 week range.
I got the photos off the Internet so you know what this breed looks like.  There is slight variations, but not too much.
Stock Photo of Shih Tzu Adult
Not all adults are this pretty.
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