My guarantee is for the first year of the dog's life.  I don't require anything of the buyer to activate the guarantee.

One Year Congenital Health Guarantee

This guarantee is for the first year of the dog's life and ends on the dog's first birthday.  It is for the sole purpose of replacing a defective dog stricken with a life ending congenital birth defect.  Examples of congenital issues: Liver shunts that cause hypoglycemia; Heart issues that result in the death of the puppy(Heart Murmurs may not qualify unless puppy dies): Puppy Glaucoma caused by trauma during birth process.  Rare tumors or twisted intestines are also considered congenital.  None of the above can be pre-determined, but just happen and that's why all issues have to have a necropsy to verify cause of death.
Guarantee does not cover contagious or environmental issues or parasites (Internal or External).  The dog has to have died, or been euthanized by a veterinarian, and shows no other evidence that the dog may have died in a different manner.  
Deviating off my vaccination schedule voids the guarantee.  My veterinarian developed the schedule for safety of the puppy and maximum effect.  More often is not better and can kill and I do not recommend more than a 5-Way combo at any time in the first year of the puppy's life.
Nothing is covered outside a congenital birth defect that results in the death of the dog and is verified.  If puppy dies, place it in a plastic bag and refrigerate until you can make arrangements with a veterinarian to send the puppy to the lab for a necropsy.  There are no exceptions to getting a necropsy and buyer must pay the bills.  The dog must be sent for necropsy within 48 hours of dog's death kept in appropriate conditions to preserve the body. 
No veterinary or other bills will be paid.  A replacement dog of same sex and registry will be offered.  No refunds or partial refunds for any reason.
The warranty is tied to the microchip in the dog - strictly enforced.  You must verify identity of puppy by having your veterinarian phone 903-272-0339 and grant permission for breeder to speak with the veterinarian about the dog.  The veterinarian must have a microchip reader or access to one.  Do not dispose of the dog before all issues are settled or the guarantee is voided.  Not giving breeder access to your veterinarian voids the guarantee.
I cannot control how the dog is treated, where it is taken or what it is fed after it leaves my care.  If a replacement dog has to be shipped, shipping is buyer's responsibility.
The replacement dog is free, but not under any warranty. 
Guarantee is non-transferable and only issued to the legal owner over 18 years of age.

Microchip:  Ex: 95600004121212

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