Deposits: $200 for CKC and $800 for AKC.  Deposits are by phone.

Walmart store to store is also accepted for deposits.

I do not have a kennel, just a large ranch style home and all dogs live as my pets.  Puppies are raised underfoot for socializing.  I DO NOT crate train my dogs.  They do not get locked away from each other in a small area at such a young age, but I use old towels and by eight weeks they are using the towels in one area of the puppy room.

I do not use the invented marketing terms of teacup or imperial to describe my puppies. 

Recommended food: Eukanuba or Royal Canin or first two ingredients Meat and Meat Meal.
All my puppies are supplemented with canned food and should be until at least 16 weeks and their ability to regulate glucose levels develops.

All puppies come standard with (Unless Otherwise Stated):
*Dewclaws Removed - Claw on the side of the front leg, sometimes rear.
*Vet Check - Veterinarian's findings are written by breeder on the health records and does not include a fecal. If buyer wishes to purchase a Health Certificate that does include a fecal, please add $45, pre-paid through card, to cost of puppy.  Bloodwork is best done starting at age one.  Note: A Health Certificate must be purchased from a veterinarian.  One copy goes to the state it is issued from and it is usually valid for 10 - 30 days.
*Canine Health Records - Contains information on vaccinations, worming's and medical for buyer's records.
*Microchip - ISO (International Standard Organization), good if traveling with dog to a foreign country.  Registering the microchip is your proof of ownership of the dog.  If you don't and someone steals your dog and registers the chip, you will have a hard time proving ownership outside contacting the breeder who may or may not be breeding puppies anymore.
*Vaccination Schedule - If still in puppy series.
*Instruction Paper - Covers Vaccinations, Worming, Food, Training....
*Health Guarantee - One year congenital health guarantee. See Guarantee Page. This offer is for full priced dogs or dogs priced above $700.  Any shipping cost is responsibility of buyer.
*Puppy Pack - Includes food, puppy pads, toys(for scent of my place), chews.
*Flea Treatment - Capstar one day before puppy leaves. 
*Worming - Wormed for parasites, coccidia and giardia, but puppies can have a relapse of single cell protozoan (Giardia) upon switching homes.
*Vaccinations - Two to three puppy shots for core diseases and then a three year booster.  Rabies at five months and then a three year booster.
*Registration Application Papers - Mostly it is a comfort to the buyer to have a piece of paper stating the dog is registered as a purebred.  However, the paper is only good if the breeder is honest.  Registries rely on honest breeders not to slip another dog into the mix, and some registries look the other way if it brings them money.  I have zero tolerance for these crooked practices and the registries who allow it. Before you ask for an AKC registration paper, please read this article   Registry Fraud    I only sell AKC with full breeding rights starting at $2000 and up.  I DO NOT breed with H.E.A.R.T.  That is AKC's program to insure the breeder gives your contact information to them so they can pressure you to register your dog. 

Male puppies should be neutered by five and a half months and females spayed by six months.


Deposits are non-refundable unless breeder finds something in the puppy healthwise to pull the sale. Then buyer can either transfer deposit to another puppy or get a refund.

If buying two dogs at the same time, I only discount dogs priced $700 or more. Deposits are for individual dogs and cannot be combined.  Discount is $50 per dog.

If a dog is stated to be Dual CKC and AKC registerable, I may not have the AKC papers on hand, but will send them to you. 

The only time I hold dogs is at Christmas. 

SHIH TZU Breeder since 2006
Sorry, if a Reserve is on a puppy, it is not available

Phone calls only please: 903-272-0339
If you get my recorder, leave a call back number or I can't return your call.
Texting is blocked and if I don't know who you are, I don't return emails.
Callers must be adults and I only speak English.

CKC (Continental Kennel Club) registration application papers come with my puppies.